Statement by the President

Dare to shoulder responsibilities, be ready to serve and cooperate. Be good at self reflection, and be diligent in innovation.

1. Way of personnel choosing: use people according to their ability, and take virtue as the top priority.
Virtue: Professional moral, and professional mindset

2. Way of personnel training: Like the sea taking in all rivers, train able personnel by ourselves
Create a learning-typed organization, turn out versatile talents, and train while growing from one generation to another

3. Way of personnel using: Build up a stage “without ceiling”, and let all people fully display their talents.
Put the proper person in the proper post, value the use and development of personnel, and bring the employees’ potentials to the maximum effect 

4. Way of personnel retaining: Let the enterprise and employees grow together, and let the employees and enterprise become rich together.
Keep the people by our favorable system, undertaking, environment and culture, and “dance together” with talents.