Living in Wasion

Life in Wasion: bring benefit to our employees, live in harmony and care them

Wasion has always been stuck to the idea of bringing benefit to our employees and repaying our society, and brave to take social responsibilities. Our Board Chairman invested and founded “Fund for Wasion Employees” to help solve our employees’ difficulties and troubles in life. It vividly demonstrates our care for humanity. We provide comfortable production and office environment and dormitories for our employees, and advocate a green, energy-saving and healthy lifestyle. Our rich and colorful activities organized by the labor union will strengthen the teamwork spirit and cohesion of Wasion people.

Happy work and life

Hunan is well-known for the fantastic and magnificent scenery with picturesque peaks and rocks in Zhangjiajie; and the romantic border town described by the famous writer, Shen Congwen—Phoenix Ancient Town. The land gave birth to the Hunan Spirit featured with “daring to be the first”. Here, red chili peppers represent the bold, vigorous and affectionate girls in Hunan. Hunan is the forefront of the strategy for the “Rise of Central China”, and its economy develops at a tremendous pace. Here is full of opportunities and challenges…..

As the capital of Hunan, Changsha is a time-honored place propitious for giving birth to great men. You cannot only follow the footsteps of Mao Zedong and experience the heroic spirit reflected in “a thousand hills crimsoned through, a hundred barges competing to win”, but also feel the charm of the “capital of entertainment” at a close range, as the Happy Mango (Hunan TV) is within your reach and ready for you……

Located in Changsha, Wasion is a melting pot for talents, a big stage for you to demonstrate your talent, and a new start for a happy life. Come, the stage has been built for you. You are the leading role!