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What characteristics does smart grid have?

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2012/6/26 14:41:37

(1) Strong. Smart grid can maintain stable power supply, without large-scale power outages, even when the grid suffers major interferences and faults; it can guarantee secure operation of the grid under such conditions as natural disasters or extreme weather or disruption by external factors; and has the capacity of ensuring power information security.

(2) Self-healing. Smart grid can provide real-time, online and continuous security evaluation and analysis. It has strong ability in early warning and prevention, and is capable of automatic fault diagnosis, fault isolation and self-restoration.

(3) Compatibility. Smart grid supports orderly and reasonable integration of renewable energy and is suitable for the integration of distributed power and micro-grid. It allows for interactive and efficient communications with users, meets diverse demands for power and provides value-added services for users.

(4) Economy. Smart grid supports power market operation and effective electricity transactions, optimizes the allocation of resources, reduces grid loss and increases energy utilization efficiency.

(5) Concentration. Smart grid helps achieve concentration and sharing of grid information and standard, regulated and fine management with unified platforms and models.

(6) Optimization. Smart grid optimizes the utilization of assets and reduces investment and maintenance costs.