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What advantages does China have in developing smart grid?

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2012/6/26 14:40:54

Over years, while working hard to strengthen the construction of power grid infrastructure, China’s power industry has paid close attention to the development of international power technologies and focused on research, innovation and application of new technologies. In doing so, its capacity of independent innovation has been rapidly increased, IT-based and automated power grid management has been significantly enhanced, S&T resources have been optimized, world-leading R&D teams and technical facilities have been established, and a solid foundation has been laid for building smart grid.

(1) In terms of the construction of power grid framework, the framework structure has been continuously strengthened and improved, UHV AC pilot & demonstration projects and UHV DC demonstration projects successfully started operation and have been operated steadily; UHV transmission core technologies have been commanded comprehensively, laying a solid foundation for the development of power grids.

(2) In terms of large-scale power grid operation control, China’s power industry enjoys “unified dispatching” system advantages and rich operation experience, its dispatching technology and equipment take the lead in the world, and the dispatching automation system and relay protection devices that it developed independently have been widely adopted.

(3) In terms of the construction of communication information platform, the backbone of power communication network with “three vertical lines and four horizontal lines” has been in place and a communication network relying on fiber communication and including multiple communication methods such as microwave and carrier has taken shape; SG186 project has achieved initial success, and pilot projects in ERP, marketing and production application systems have been built and applied in large scale.

(4) In terms of experiment and testing means, large-scale wind power grid, solar power generation and power utilization technology research and testing centers have been built in accordance with the need of smart grid development.

(5) In terms of practices in smart grid development, pilot work in every sector has been carried out in an all-around manner, and pilot projects such as dispatching technology support system of smart grid, smart substations, power consumption information acquisition system, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, distribution automation, and power fiber to the home (PFTTH) have been going smoothly.

(6) In terms of large-scale renewable energy integration and energy storage, research on key technologies such as concentrated integration and electrochemical energy storage has been conducted extensively, the wind power grid connection simulation and analysis platform has been established, and technical standards with regard to wind farm integration into the power system have been enacted.

(7) In terms of EV charging/discharging technologies, China has conducted extensive research in the integration, monitoring and billing of charging and discharging facilities, and built EV charging stations in some cities.

(8) In terms of power grid development mechanisms, the business of Chinese power companies covers every sector from power transmission, transformation, dispatching to consumption, with remarkable advantages in unified planning, unified standards and rapid development.