Libra-3 ANSI Standard Industrial and Commercial User Multifunction Electric Ener

Libra-3 ANSI Standard Industrial and Commercial User Multifunction Electric Ener


Wasion Libra-3 series electric energy meter is mainly designed for industrial and commercial application markets, based on ANSI C12 series standards. It is configurable with multiple energy metering methods, integrated with replaceable two-way communication module to provide Meter Buddy2 parameter configuration files.
  • High-reliability, high-precision (better than accuracy Class CA 0.2) energy register, to fulfill the application demands of power consumers;

  • Supporting forward energy, reverse energy, forward + reverse and forward – reverse energy four types of energy accumulation methods;

  • Supporting multiple plug-and-play communication modules, such as RS485/232, power line carrier, wireless and Ethernet and others; 

  • Supporting senior functions of smart metering, such as demand, time-of-use, event logging and load control;

  • Supporting senior metering functions, such as reactive, harmonic wave and energy quality monitoring;

  • Electricity anti-tamper design, capable of detection of meter inverted, pull-out or external magnetic field disturbance and other abnormal events;

  • Supporting LCD or runner energy display methods, provided with backlight function to turn on backlight automatically on the operation of the push buttons;

  • Battery, capable of battery replacement without opening of the internal cover; Used to maintain clock, or the display and meter reading and other auxiliary functions in case of power down;

  • Optional in-built maximum 200A current relay for remote switch on/off, so as to realize load control function;

  • Modular product platform; Compactable with various extended function modules, with no need to recalibrate the meter; Optional function modules, including demand, time-of-use, load curves and other communication modules;

  • Supporting communication interconnection, allowing third party communication scheme integrated into the product.