Solution for Heat Distribution System

Solution for Heat Distribution System


The solution for heat distribution system is a comprehensive solution applied in central heating system to measure and distribute heat consumption of users. It is applicable to both new building and existing building renovation. The project can be carried out without considerably renovating the pipe network. The billing follows the principle of “equal comfort, same heat payment”, taking into consideration of economic benefits of heat supply companies and equality to heat users.

Benefits for Customers

  • Multiple networks achieve remote data transmission, and automatic meter reading saves HR costs.

  • Its leading-edge signal sampling and data processing technology increases the metering accuracy and fine energy efficiency management of businesses.

  • Dynamic real-time alary mechanism can effectively reduce customers’ losses and energy losses within seconds with its extraordinary response speed.

  • Its automatic operation can effectively avoid interferences of human factors and increase economic benefits of heat supply management units.

  • The master station with complete functions can automatically make various business statistical reports, which increases the informative management of heat supply companies. 

System Features

  • The heat distribution system that we recommend, which is based on the principle of “equal comfort, same payment”, ensures the equality and accuracy of household-based heating metering and billing.

  • It is able to know real-time room temperature changes so as to achieve heating on demand.

  • The system adopts dual power supply. Its large-capacity non-volatile memory chip guarantees that the data will not lose even if out of power.

  • Its remote data transmission function saves manual meter reading. The customized inquiry software design facilitates community management and billing.

  • It is applicable to household-based heat metering in new buildings, existing buildings, public buildings and houses, and various heating systems in central heating, including one-pipe system, two-pipe system, radiator, floor heating and radiant heating, among others.


System Network Topological Diagram



System Building

Installing large-caliber heat meters in the entrance of pipe network and buildings as the bulk meter while installing room temperature integrator in each household to conduct real-time integral measurement of the room temperature.

Installing data acquisition terminals near the bulk meter in the building will collect data from the bulk meter and the integrator in each household
Transmitting parameters about heat, temperature, flow and pressure to the data center through remote network to analyze, monitor and manage heat supply and energy consumption.