Prepayment System for Domestic Water Consumption

Prepayment System for Domestic Water Consumption


The prepayment system, with IC card as its data carrier, is able to set parameters of users’ water meters and manage daily water vending in one system, thus enhancing the automatic management of water supply companies and residential communities as well as other energy management units and addressing the billing problem.

A Photo of the Solution

System Makeup

  • The whole system includes secondary equipment and a system, of which:

  • Secondary equipment refers to Prepayment smart water meters and master station equipment.

  • A system means the prepayment system for domestic water consumption.

Main Functions

  • System Settings: including settings of region coding, meter files, price property, system (setting of administrator authority, IC card reader port, invoice revision and print method, etc.), and function card management;

  • Account-Opening: inputting user information, also called creating a file;

  • Meter Allocation: making user cards for users who have a file and completing the first prepayment;

  • Prepayment: prepayment in the user card;

  • Card Reading: reading user card or management card data;

  • Card Reissuance: rewriting the data in the user card that is input previously when the card is lost or the data is wrong;

  • Meter Changing: input the data about the meter that is going to be changed into the user card so that the card is able to work with the new meter;

  • Inquiry: inquiring user information, prepayment records and operation records as well as users on the blacklist, among others;

  • Statistical Forms: making relevant sales statistical forms;

  • Account Cancellation: cancelling users who already have an account;

  • Card Retrieve: clearing user information in the IC card so that the card will be back to the initial state;

How to build the system?

  • Installing smart water meters on water pipes entering each household that support logic encryption card/radio frequency card/CPU card or other IC cards;

  • Installing master station on desktop computers and connecting the card reader with the equipment.

Software Features

The system, including stand-alone and network version, can meet different needs in various applications. With such functions as parameter setting, account opening, meter allocation, prepayment, IC card reading, card reissuance, meter changing, account cancellation, handheld meter reading devices, inquiry, statistical forms and card retrieve, the system can automatically back up data, not only meeting stand-alone management in communities but also supporting centralized management in local area network or wide area network. It boasts sound adaptability and extensibility, friendly human-machine interface, and high automation. It is easy to arrange and operate, featured with comprehensive data fault tolerance mechanism and convenient maintenance. Smart IC card water meters can achieve all-in-one card comprehensive management for electricity meters, gas meters and heat meters of Wasion Group, providing considerable convenience to users and management units.