High-voltage Energy Meter

High-voltage Energy Meter


High voltage Energy Meter is a new type of electronic Energy Meter directly connected to 10kv high voltage line, which is of distinguished electricity larceny prevention since it locates at the high voltage side where common low voltage electricity larceny method could not be implemented. High voltage meter is a new generation of hi-tech metering equipment produced through independent research and development by our company, an integration of electronic transformer technology, high voltage power supply, electronic dual-way metering, optical communication, wireless communication and other high technologies, which does not only realize accurate metering of distributing lines, optimize line loss management, but also greatly reduce the use of copper and steel, lower the iron loss, copper loss and the power consumption of the meter itself in effective manners, and bring down the accident rate in the line due to the iron core transformer (inductive load).
  • 10kV Direct connection to high voltage integrated metering, of excellent electricity larceny prevention function;  

  • Provided with wireless teletransmission function to facilitate the formation of monitoring networks and enhance management levels; 

  • Provided with dual-way energy metering function, with reverse electricity larceny prevention;

  • Of high security, with effective reduction to the fault rate due to inductive load connection; 

  • Light weight, small size, low power consumption, greatly economizing raw materials, realizing energy-saving and cost-reducing as well as green environmental protection;

  • With high metering accuracy, realizing metering error integrated calibration;

  • Of compact structure, with convenience to install and use; 

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