Small-Diameter Prepayment Calorimeter WMLR-DN (15-40)

Small-Diameter Prepayment Calorimeter WMLR-DN (15-40)


Its technical indicators are in line with or better than the national standard, the Calorimeter (CJ128-2007). The products used for heat measures of heating facilities, are applicable to residential buildings, industrial and commercial households, public buildings, etc.
  • A RF IC card is used without the bayonet on an ordinary card meter, and the entire controller is completely sealed by a separate electrical box, waterproof, anti-moisture, and against malware attacks, which can be installed in harsh environments.

  • A specialball valve is provided with little torque, and nice high-temperature adaptability.

  • All of the valve bodies are manufactured using the forging processto avoid leakages, from casting porosities, in the sand castingprocess. Each valve will be under a 2.0MPa pressure test in an attempt to eliminate leakages on the process aspect.

  • Automatic CleaningMechanism: The valves are periodically opened and closed, 2 times monthly, to remove internal scale, avoiding the blockage from internal encrustation during non-heating periods.