DDSD101-KT1 Single Phase Electric Prepayment Energy Meter

DDSD101-KT1 Single Phase Electric Prepayment Energy Meter


DDSD101-KT1 single phase electric multifunction energy meter is a new model of energy meter provided with prepayment function. The user will be provided with a digital code with user electricity procurement information by the electricity vending office after electricity procurement at designated vending office, which will be input into the energy meter by the user, verified by the energy meter to realize recharge to the energy meter with the procured energy quantity data written in the code. The recharge code is consisted of 20-digit numbers, and such encrypted numbers are known as TOKEN. It is known as keypad prepayment energy meter since it adopts keypad for its recharge method. The data transmission protocol of this energy meter confirms IEC62055-41 and IEC61107 standards, with its performance indicators in compliance with the technical requirements of IEC62053-21 standards for Class 1 and Class 2 static active power energy meters.
  • Adopting 20-digit TOKEN code as transmission media, realizing prepayment electric consumption control method on the energy meter. 

  • Accumulative metering of total active power, in 0.01kWh;

  • Provided with present current and voltage values display functions; 

  • Adopting LCD display, provided with white backlight; 

  • Provided with thresholds of balanced energy alarm and balanced energy trip-out, to remind users of electricity procurement;

  • Provided with live wire load control, and “blackout trip-out and power-on switch-in”functions; 

  • Provided with the last occurrence time for 5% overvoltage and undervoltage; 

  • Provided with high voltage and low voltage tripping protectionfunctions (optional); 

  • Provided with infrared communication function and RS485 communication function, realizing in-meter data reading and parameter setting;

  • Capable of connection to user interface unit through wireless, M_BUS or PLC (optional)