Wasion donates 4 million Yuan for NCP control

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2020/3/11 13:31:57

At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has suffered hearts of countless Chinese and the whole country united to fight against the epidemy.
Facing the epidemy, we stand together! Wasion is concerned about Wuhan and Hunan. Following the motto " Work with expertise and passion ,develop profits and morality",Wasion actively fulfills social responsibility: 2 million RMB donated to Hunan Charity Federation and some medicals with value of 2 million RMB are supplied to relevant organizations to prevent and control the epidemy!
There is epidemy, but we are going to break through the current hard time! Wasion actively responds to the call of the Government as part of social responsibility. With systematic prevention and control,Wasion resumes production while continues to provide first-class products and services for the society and fights in the new battlefield with this outbreak.
In unity there is strenth! By helping the society,Wasion shows its social responsibility and commitment. We strongly believe that under the leadership of the Communist Party and the government, we will be able to overcome the epidemy!