Wasion Attended the European Utility Week 2018

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2018/11/15 11:06:51

2018 European Utility Week was held in Vienna, the Austria, from November 6-8. The products shown on this exhibition covered electric power, water, thermal energy, gas and other energy fields, involving smart homes, smart metering, smart grids, data management, AMR&AMI, communication &IT, energy retail and other issues.
Wasion Group made a wonderful debut with its smart prepayment solution, AMI demonstration program and energy storage system, and deeply communicated and exchanged experience with customers and partners around the world with enthusiastic scene response.

energy storage system
In the European market, the wind power photovoltaic energy cycle has brought about the energy storage demand, and peaking frequency modulation and peak and valley electricity price arbitrage have opened up room for growth. European electricity trading implements the peak-to-valley electricity price mechanism, and the peak-valley electricity price arbitrage market is huge.
Wasion has a wealth experience in the field of solar power generation and can undertake large-scale power plant EPC projects, and can handle the whole process from design, construction, operation, and power management operations. The development of distributed energy and energy storage is also becoming more and more mature. Wasion products and services can stably meet customer requirement and provide safe and green clean energy to customers.
The European power distribution network market is mature, and the EU smart meter program is being vigorously promoted. The European Commission has proposed that European households' smart meter coverage will reach 80% by 2020, with an estimated 100 million meter installations, covering 225 million customers.
After years of cultivation and accumulation in overseas markets, Wasion enjoys certain brand recognition in the world, and we have been committed to independent research and development and technological innovation of energy metering products. We have service organizations around the world, and our products and services have certain Competitiveness, which will help us to expand the European market in the future.
Under the background of global economic integration and the “One Belt, One Road”policy, more and more Chinese companies are “going out” for development and actively exploring the international market.
In the face of competition, Wasion has always adhered to forge ahead, innovate and develop, continuously improve our core competitiveness, and build an industrial ecological chain of energy metering, monitoring and energy efficiency improvement in product diversification and serialization, and expand the international market to provide more accurate, reliable and intelligent products and system services for global customers.