Wasion Appeared on 2017 African Utility Week

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Wasion Appeared on 2017 African Utility Week
The largest power& energy, metering and smart power grid show "2017 African Utility Week" was opened in Cape Town on May 16, 2017.  Wasion Group made a wonderful debut with its smart metering products and AMI demonstration program, and deeply communicated and exchanged experience with customers and partners around the world with enthusiastic scene response.
During three-day conference, global business leaders and experts spoke on the stage in succession, due to uneven distribution of traditional energy and serious shortage of electric power, Africa is the area where new energy are mostly used and an open mainland for water test of a variety of new energy. With stability of the community in Africa and government's emphasis on the development of renewable energy, Africa's renewable energy industry ushered in a faster development since this year.

Speech made by Ben Martins, deputy minister of state-owned enterprise of South Africa
Africa is the important hub of “One belt, one road”, as “The world of the sun”, it has rich solar energy resources, the utilization of solar technology not only can solve the problem of electricity shortage in Africa, but also help the people of Africa out of poverty. Therefore, Africa will become a hot spot for the growth of photovoltaic and energy storage markets. In the future, centralized and distributed clean energy of African countries are expected to be the source of global energy Internet transmission power so as to realize grid interconnection and achieve resource complementarity and regional balance so that the price of electricity is effectively reduced, which is beneficial to development of each country.

Conference site

The products shown on this exhibition covered all power and water industry chain, including power generation, solar energy, hydropower, wind power, metering, power transmission and distribution, major power customers (mining, electricity retailers, commerce, and agriculture), water supply, etc. The exhibition attracted more than 300 manufacturers from over 80 countries around the world.
Wasion booth

Wasion appeared on Africa Utility Week with its latest AMI+STS solution, it demonstrated the application of PLC, RF and GPRS communications solutions in crowded residential areas, open villas and large factories/business districts, which demonstrated excellent system integration capability of Wasion.

Potential customers communicated with Wasion employees

The participation in this African Power Show and interactive communication with international leading enterprises in power industry is beneficial for Wasion to understand, master and perceive world's leading technology and future development direction of this industry, and to promote the enterprise to further clarify the direction of technology research and development and continuously enhance international competitiveness.