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How the Global Energy Internet Change Our Life?

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2016/5/16 10:55:04

I. The global energy internet promotes environment protection
Production, transportation, storage and use of fossil energy post serious pollution and destruction to air, water, soil and landform. The aforesaid pollution and destruction cannot be eliminated in the short term.Currently, frequent haze in large area of China is caused by large combustion of coal. Meanwhile, fossil energy produces large amount of carbon dioxide in use, producing green-house effect and significantly affecting climate change. The fundamental solution for these problems as proposed at Paris Climate Conference is to accelerate the development of clean energy and implement “two substitutions”: substitutions of clean energy for fossil energy in terms of energy development and electric energy for coal and fossil in terms of energy consumption. The global energy internet is to use renewable clean energy, such as solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy, to replace fossil energy for electric generation and transmit electric energy via global power transmission network to every user. The energy flowing in the global energy internet is electric energy. This is a complete agreement with “two substitutions” proposed at Paris Climate Conference. Although the distribution of clean energy is unbalanced globally, the total amount of developable clean energy exceeds the demand of human. Thus, given the incapability of self-sufficiency for some clean energy, the global energy internet will transmit electric energy from areas in which there are abundant clean energy to areas with shortage of clean energy, meeting human production and living needs. Therefore, the global energy internet is the necessary choice for human to solve the conflict between deteriorating environment and developing economy. It is reasonably believed that the global energy internet will bring blue sky, green hill and clear water.
II. Self-production of green energy is realized by the global energy internet
Large amounts of wind energy and solar energy exist in our daily life, which is normally ignored. With the development and application of those energies via the global energy internet, users will change the single identity as consumers since the use of electric energy in 18th century to the identity as new electric energy producers. As the grid connection of home generator sets of rooftop solar energy generator, wall solar energy generator and small fan via the global energy internet, not only the distributed clean energy can be utilized for improving development of global clean energy, but also home energy consumption can be partially met by means of self-production and self-consumption, reducing cost of living. In addition, electric energy can also be sold to grid company at high electricity price for profits by the principle of best economic benefit. It is worth mentioning that this new mode of energy collection and application will become an effective means for poverty alleviation. For poor families in some countries and regions, government can establish small clean energy generator sets to provide certain preferential policy in terms of electricity price trade and to realize perfect combination of poverty alleviation through development, new energy application and energy conservation and emission reduction.
III. A smart city is established by the global energy internet
Smart city is a green and sustainably developing city that uses information technology to sense the demands of city activities and give intelligent responses. The global energy internet uses its high reliability first to provide cities with safe, reliable and sufficient energy support. Secondly, with combination of power network and communication network having solid network facilities and excessive data of exponential growth, it is a comprehensive platform for leading industrial distribution, integrating resources and promoting social change. Thirdly, sensors integrated with the global energy internet can timely and comprehensively catch information of temperature, humidity, traffic and air quality to make cities under a physical state that is predicable, sensible and controllable and provide city managers with support for real-time analysis, treatment and decision-making. Finally, the global energy internet will also promote the transformation of production mode for smart city, break down barriers of resources production and consumption and make joint transformation of energy consumption and development in city.
IV. New lifestyle is innovated by the global energy internet
The global energy internet will fully be incorporated in life and make great effect on every aspect. Clothes: The global energy internet will come with many sensing devices, by which people can sense and predict temperature, humidity, the light and other environment factors and choose clothes thereupon. Food: The global energy internet will be bound with mobile terminals, by which people can prepare food materials before going out and select cooking on mobile terminals on the way home and enjoy deal the time arriving home. Even automation in the whole course can be achieved. Refrigerator will notify in an intelligent way for insufficiency of food storage or imminent expiration. Housing: The global energy internet will monitor the living and office environment at real-time via sensing terminals, including, the light intensity and temperature, and achieve intelligent adjustment according to personal need. Travel: There are more and more people choosing electric automobiles that serves as storage battery in the global energy internet for travelling. People can check electricity price on smart terminals at real-time and choose to buy or sell electricity from or to grid company.
The global energy internet is the most important revolution for global energy. It is the powerful engine for promoting economic and social development and must provide more comfortable and healthier environment for human to making life better!