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SGCC Comments on Fully Promoting the Construction of Intelligent Measuring System

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2016/5/16 10:40:14

SGCC Comments on Fully Promoting the Construction of Intelligent Measuring System
I.“The 13th Five-year” Plan and 2016 Working Idea
During the 13th Five-year, the intelligent measuring system with the core of “standardization, automation and intelligence” should be fully constructed. Improve the “standard” system covering management system, measuring instruments, examination devices and application technologies, increase the level of “automation” for measuring instruments, examination devices, operation equipment and warehousing and distributing facilities, deepen the “intelligent” application covering adjustment and control, monitoring, diagnosis and evaluation, achieve intelligent control over all businesses, all equipment and all elements such as production dispatch, operation management, site operation, quality supervision, data collection and electricity service, and create a world-leading intelligent measuring system.
In 2016, take the promotion of intelligent measuring system construction as the main line, seek new breakthrough in terms of full coverage of electricity information collection, promotion of “Four-meter in One” collection, deepening of full life cycle management of measuring assets and application of multidisciplinary data collected and complete tasks of measuring profession of 2016.
II. Key Works in 2016
(I) Promote intelligent measuring system construction
1. Continue to promoting measuring standardized construction
2. Improve coverage of automation
3. Enhance intelligent diagnosis for measuring
(II) Achieve basically full coverage of electricity information collection of company system
1. Take measures to secure the goal of full coverage of collection
2. Reinforce construction, safety and service management
3. Strengthen regulatory management and construction quality
(III) Vigorously promote application of "Four-meter in One" collection
1. Strive to application scope over millions of users
2. Establish collaboration mechanism with government and cooperative enterprises
3. Optimize content procedures and collaboration mechanism
4. Accelerate conversion and improvement of technology standard
(IV) Improve supporting capacity for multidisciplinary application of data collected
1. Reinforce operation and maintenance management of collecting system
2. Improve reliability of primary collection
3. Increase methods for reviewing measuring data quality
4. Support demands on multiple-business data
(V) Deepen technical monitoring and quality control over full life cycle
1. Spread coverage of full life cycle quality management from electricity meter to all devices
2. Extending detection to device elements
3. Implement clock management that supports intelligent measuring system
4. Apply intelligent means for fully promoting detection of measuring device state
5. Reinforce management over juncture measuring device
(VI) Actively implement study and application of new intelligent measuring technology
1. Accelerate study of new intelligent measuring technology
Study BPLC interconnection technology, and intelligent positioning and monitoring technology of Internet-of-Things-based measuring device (electric energy meter and mutual inductor); study and develop new generation of modular intelligent electricity meter and collecting terminal and DC-resistant mutual inductor and MV and LV electronic type mutual inductor; study new generation of electricity information collecting system structure.
2. Actively promote application of new measuring technology
Promote application of MV PLC communication technology to realize transferring signal zone area without public network to public network communication and object-oriented data exchange protocol; promote application of new equipment such as mutual inductor secondary circuit online detecting device, plug-in type measuring pocket, mutual inductor with electronic tag, intelligent measuring turnover cabinet and external intelligent circuit breaker.
(VII) Improve quality of measuring team
1. Display the leading role of experts and talents, establish a expert team on electricity energy meter, mutual inductor, collecting and detecting technologies, implement technology research on key fields; actively lead industry standard and intensively take part in preparation of national and international standards.
2. Strengthen basic training on staff, enhance normalized training and examination for all staff and positions with respect to promotion and application of standard, automatic and intelligent measuring technology and regularly conduct site work experience exchange activities.