2016 Wasion Group’s Touring Lecture on Safety Knowledge Rounded Off

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2016-5-16 9:51:27


In order to facilitate the fire safety work in the Science and Technology Park, make all the staff to master certain fire protection knowledge and skills in evacuation and escape, etc. and enhance all the staff’s security awareness, 2016 Wasion Group’s Touring Lecture on Safety Knowledge started at the Lecture Hall on the second floor. This touring lecture was divided into four rounds and lasted for two weeks. There were about 700 persons participating in this training including department managers and senior cadres, the team leaders and supervisors of the Production Center, the safety officers from all the departments, staff from the Quality Center and the Testing Department and the dormitory supervisors in Wasion Group.

During this activity, Liu Shihua, head of the working group of the Security Committee in the Wasion Science and Technology Park and Shi Yunlong, fire officer of the Security Department of Shengjia Company gave lively fire safety knowledge lecture to the Group’s staff. They not only explained the practical knowledge of fire safety with examples, but also showed how to use fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment on the field.

Since its foundation in 2000, Wasion Group sticks to strict production safety and attaches great importance to production safety and occupational health of staff. From the ideological attention to the implementation of actions, the Group is making every effort to secure staff safety and production safety.
 As to strengthening safety protection, fire officer checks the Company’s fire safety regularly, replace expired fire extinguishers promptly and eliminate safety hazards so as to prevent accident occurrence and eliminate possible risks in the early stage; as to enhancing safety awareness, implementation of safety awareness shall be ensured through safety knowledge lecture during the induction training of new staff, the regular touring lectures on safety knowledge, and even the emergency fire drills. Although safety knowledge is “no more than a platitude”, it is an important issue that must be taken seriously.

On April 28, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the two-week 2016 Wasion Group’s Touring Lecture on Safety Knowledge rounded off. The lecture has not only enhanced staff’s awareness on fire protection, but also improved their fire safety skill and self-rescue ability in case of fire, thus fully strengthening the Science and Technology Park’s “firewall” and the construction of the “Four Abilities” on fire within the Park.
We hope that all staff of Wasion always pay attention to safety in all respects. Only in this way, can we know safety, remind safety and master safety. Safety production has to be “no more than a platitude”!