2015 Annual Results is released in Hong Kong by Wasion Group

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2016-4-15 13:49:32

On March 18, Wasion Group convened the 2015 annual results presentation in Hone Kong. By December 31, 2015, the Group had realized operation revenue of RMB 2,969,030,000 yuan, which has increased by 6% comparing with the same period of last year, and has realized a net profit of RMB 423,530,000 yuan.

In 2015, Chinese government put forward a clearer blueprint for the energy market reformation and launched several policies in favor of groups’ future development. However, Chinese economy was entering “new normal” and the RMB depreciated sharply in the latter half of the year, which had brought severe challenge to many domestic enterprises. In order to adapt the change of macro-environment and stick to healthy developing pace, the Group had adopted a series of effective measures to ensure the healthy and sound development of enterprises business. AMI, intelligent utilization and distribution electricity system, ADO and SM of the Group had all obtained steady development.

Look back to the year of 2015, on intelligent electricity meter, the Group kept on giving play to its comprehensive strength advantage on brand, technology, market, quality, scale and management. It had very good performance in intelligent electricity meter centralized bidding of the State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid with operation revenue of RMB 854,000,000 Yuan which had realized an increase of 4% compared with the previous year. On AMI, with the comprehensive strength and abundant experience, the Group maintained its leading position in the industry and getting annual operation revenue of RMB 1,689,000,000 Yuan. Benefit from China’s promotion of ladder-like water price, one family one meter, and the ten-measure action plan, AMI water business of the Group had increased by 23% compared with the year of 2014 and had succeeded in entering the next round of bidding projects of 53 water companies which could bring solid support for the future AMI water business of the Group. Through its brand and strength accumulated in overseas market over the past years, the Group had made many breakthroughs in overseas market. The Group had obtained stable contract amount improvement on traditional market, scale contract in Mexico with Siemens, and successfully entered the Brazil market, the overseas market had brought a contribution of RMB 303,000,000 Yuan for AMI business which had increased by 146% compared with 2014. On ADO, the Group kept on actively expanding intelligent distribution electricity system and solution with operation revenue of RMB 427,000,000 Yuan which had increased by 37% compared with 2014. Its proportion in overall operation revenue had also increased from 11% in 2014 to 14%. As the research and development and manufacture base of ADO business, the newly established Wasion Electric Industrial Park had effectively improved the technology and service basis of ADO business. On new products and technology, the Group kept striving on research and development of each item of AMI and ADO products and technology on the basis of grasping market needs and industrial technology developing trend. In 2015, the Group had obtained in total 129 patents on new products and energy efficiency service, and 127 software copyrights. Effective new products and energy efficiency service patents and software copyrights are increased to 689 items and 498 items respectively.
Look forward to the future, the Group board of directors are full of confidence. Suggestions on Further Deepen Electric System Reformation, Power Distribution Network Construction and Reformation Action Plan (2015-2020), and a series of supportive documents launched by the government indicate the roadmap and strong market needs on energy internet development in the coming 10 years and many industries closely relating to the Group business are involved. Intelligent power grid and construction of smart city which also supports the development of the Group will hopefully welcome a development peak in the future years with the great escort of the government. To grasp the future opportunities and gradually move forward to leading position in the world, the Group has formulated a series of developing tactics and will stick to the operating principle of “Dedicated and Credible, Co-generation of Righteousness and Benefit”, highly agree with market change and customer needs, insist the operating and managing principal line “Continuous Innovation and Healthy Development”, exerts itself in promoting the “Technology and Products Innovation, Market and Sales Innovation, Operation and Service Innovation, Management and Mechanism Innovation”, designs a layout for the next 5-year plan for the Group, and realizes the successful transformation from an energy internet equipment supplier to an energy internet comprehensive service provider and the magnificent vision of “Sustainable innovation and Centenary Wasion”.