10 Tips to help your car save more fuel

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2012/8/6 11:09:11

Those who drive a lot recently all feel the pressure of growing oil prices, and there is no sign that the growth will stop in the near future. Some easy ways doable to everyone and effective for every type of cars can help your car save more oil. Here are 10 tips to save fuel.

1. Service your vehicle as recommended in the maintenance and repair handbook—a well-maintained car can save more fuel while a dirty spark plug or air cleaner or clogged fuel filter will reduce fuel economy.

2. Keep the tire pressure at a proper level—low tire pressure consumes more fuel, so you have to check tire pressure frequently. If the tire pressure meets requirements, fuel consumption will be reduced by 3.3%.

3. Reduce the load of your car—overloaded cars will consume more fuel when they are on the road, so please try to empty your trunk. Don’t take the trunk as a storage place. Avoid piling up unnecessary things inside your car. Please take away your baggage or ski stick when you don’t use them.

4. Avoid aggressive driving–“Jack-rabbit” starts, hard braking and rapid speeding up can increase fuel consumption.

5. Shift to a higher gear—driving in a gear lower than you need consumes more energy, so shift to a higher gear as soon as the speed is stabilized when you drive a car with manual transmission, and avoid using “movement” mode when driving a car with automatic transmission.

6. Use the cruise control—on smooth roads, using cruise control can save fuel, however, it is not the most economical way on steep terrain.

7. Keep your car clean—regularly cleaning and waxing your car can reduce air resistance, thus increasing fuel economy.

8. Avoid idling your vehicle for a long time—Idling also consumes fuel. If possible, please turn off the engine when you stop the car and wait instead of idling it.

9. Use your air-conditioner sparingly—using a vehicle’s air-conditioner can consume a lot of fuel. Opening windows on both sides can help reduce air resistance, so open the windows when driving at low speeds in traffic jams, but turn on the air-conditioner at higher speed (opening the windows at higher speeds will increase wind resistance).

10. Accelerate after warming up the engine—running the engine at low temperatures uses more fuel than