How to save more power when using electric water heater?

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2012/8/6 11:06:46

It is said that plugged-in home appliances consume a certain amount of power even if they are not used, so to save power we should unplug electric water heaters when we go to work. But we are also told that it’s better to keep electric water heaters plugged in, otherwise they will consume more power when they are reheated. What should we do? Keep electric water heaters plugged in or not?

Statistics show that for a family of three, a 60L electric water heater consumes more than 1.5kWh electricity each day; but if the family chooses a water heater with leading heat insulation technology and certification of energy conservation, its daily power consumption will drop to less than 1.2KWh. Experts say that for electric water heaters, heat insulation is the most important technology to save energy. Heat insulation means saving energy and money.

Heat insulation needs certain conditions. We need to cut off the power to see its heat insulation results. If a consumer buys an electric water heater with good heat insulation function, how to use it correctly? Experts tell us that a common misunderstanding is switching off electricity. In particular, frequent power disconnection is the biggest misunderstanding in using water heaters. An electric water heater that saves energy does not need us to cut off electricity frequently because it has effective heat insulation technology. At present, energy-saving water heaters on the market have much more functions than traditional water heaters, such as meso-thermal heat insulation and multi-zone regular heating. They are high-tech energy-saving devices, more scientific than the energy-saving methods consumers come up with, but they only function when connected with power. And frequent unplugging will reduce the life of plugs and induce hidden dangers.

The correct way to use electric water heaters is: if the water heater is used every day, keep it plugged in; if it is used every 3 to 5 or even more days, it will be more energy-saving to cut off the electricity after use.