The 12th Five-Year Plan for the National Development of Strategic Emerging Industries Unveils

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2012/8/6 10:23:56

According to, the State Council recently released the “12th Five-year” Plan for the National Development of Strategic Emerging Industries (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), clarifying the development objectives of strategic emerging industries during the “12th Five-year” period (2011-2015): innovation capacity of the industries will enhance considerably; industrial environment for innovation will be improved; the position in international labor division will steadily grow; their leading and driving role will increase remarkably. According to the Plan, the strategic emerging industries will generate 8% of China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2015, and play a remarkably increased role in promoting industrial structure upgrading, energy conservation and emission reduction, improvement of the people’s health, and job creation, among others.

Roadmap for Environmental Protection Industry Development

The Plan clarifies that China will work to develop leading-edge environmental protection industry, focus on solving typical environmental problems that damage people’s health, double efforts on technological innovation and integration application, and promote the prevention and treatment of water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and heavy metal pollution, prevention and control of toxic and hazardous pollutants, and development and commercialization of waste and dangerous waste treatment and disposal, vibration absorption and noise reduction equipment, and environment monitoring instrument and equipment; advocate innovation and development of efficient membrane materials and components, green environmental protection techniques, greenhouse gas emission control technologies and relevant new materials and agents, and improve overall technological equipment and set development capacity of environmental protection industry, so as to increase pollution prevention and treatment; vigorously propel the development of environmental protection service industry, promote specialized, market development and socialized construction and operation of environmental protection facilities, and explore new environmental protection services.

It is estimated that 10-15 industrial bases will be built. 

Major Demonstration Project for Commercialization of Environmental Protection Technology, Equipment and Product” is also a key part of the Plan. “A series of industrial demonstration projects will be carried out with the focus on the equipment for air pollution treatment such as flue gas desulphurization and denitration and efficient purification of vehicle exhaust gas, complete sets of water pollution treatment equipment like advanced treatment in nitrogen and phosphorus removal of urban domestic sewage and new denitrification reactors, the equipment for solid waste treatment such as efficient waste incineration, flue gas treatment and sludge disposal, the instrument for environmental monitoring like online monitoring of heavy metals and ammonia nitrogen, as well as environmental emergency equipment such as environmental emergency inspection vehicles and the intercept equipment for oil-water separation and recycling.” By 2015, China will have fostered a number of environmental enterprises playing a leading role in the industry and a number of “professional, precision-oriented, distinctive and innovative” enterprises in supportive of environmental protection, and established 10 to 15 industrial bases for environmental technologies and equipment with prominent location advantages and high concentration.

Private sector and capital will be guided in investing in emerging industries

During the “12th Five-Year” period, strategic emerging industries will maintain an annual growth above 20% on average, and there will be a batch of flagship enterprises with strong and independent innovation capacity and leading technologies, and a large number of distinct industrial chains and industry clusters, according to the Plan. To this end, the Plan clarifies a package of guarantee policies, including guiding private sector and capital in investing in strategic emerging industries.

The Plan proposes to improve relevant mechanisms on opening up the market, deepen private investment access reforms, and encourage various enterprises to invest in strategic emerging industries. And energy efficiency “Top Runner” Program will be carried out, mechanisms for emission permits, energy savings and carbon emissions trading will be put in place, and environmental protection and resources taxation, charges and pricing reform will be conducted. China will further improve the growth enterprise market system and support enterprises that meet concerning requirements to issue shares for fundraising. It will build over-the-counter stock markets to meet the needs of startup companies at different development stages. The Plan also requires supporting and developing venture capital companies, giving play to government’s guidance in the venture capital of emerging industries, increasing capital, advocating the establishment of venture capital guiding fund for strategic emerging industries, and making full use of market mechanisms, so as to promote social capital to flow to innovative companies in strategic emerging industries, which are at early and middle stages.