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Why is the development of smart grid so significant to China’s grid development?

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2012/6/26 14:41:15

As the inevitable trend of China’s power grid development, smart grid will write a new chapter in the construction of power grids. Its significance includes:

(1) Smart grid is capable of optimizing resources allocation. Once China completes the construction of smart grid, strong receiving-end grid and sending-end grid will come into being, load-bearing capacity of power grids will grow remarkably, a strong ultra-high-voltage (UHV) AC and DC transmission network will be in place, cross-region, long-distance, large-capacity, low-energy-loss and efficient transmission will be achieved among large-scale hydro-power bases, coal-fired thermal power bases, nuclear power bases and renewable energy bases, and interregional power transfer capacity will be significantly increased.

(2) Smart grid has a higher level of secure and stable operation. The security and stability of grids and reliability of power supply will be greatly enhanced, grid defense lines at various levels will be closely coordinated and capable of defending sudden events and severe faults to effectively avoid large-scale cascading faults, so that power supply will be much more reliable and losses arising from power outages will be reduced.

(3) Smart grid is suitable for and promotes the development of clean energy. Smart grid will be equipped with wind turbine generators power forecasting, dynamic modelling, low voltage ride through (LVRT), active/reactive power control and rapid regulation of conventional power units as well as other control mechanisms, combined with the application of large-capacity energy storage technology, therefore, its capacity of operating and controlling clean energy integration will be enhanced remarkably, making clean energy a more economical, efficient and reliable energy supply.

(4) Smart grid boasts highly smart dispatching. When the construction of a horizontally integrated and vertically linked dispatching technical support system is completed as part of the smart grid, online smart analysis, early warning and decision-making of power grids, efficient regulation of various new generation and transmission technologies and equipment, and fine control of AC/DC hybrid grid will be available.

(5) Smart grid can meet demands of new power users such as electric vehicles (EV). A perfect EV charging/discharging facilities network will be put in place to meet the need for the development of EV industry, adapt to user demands, and achieve efficient interaction between EVs and power grids.

(6) Smart grid helps us achieve efficient utilization of power grid assets and full-life-cycle management. Smart grid will help us realize overall management of grid facilities within their full life cycle. With smart dispatching and demand management, the utilization hours and the utilization efficiency of grid assets will grow significantly.

(7) Smart grid allows for convenient interaction between power users and electricity grids. Smart power consumption interaction platforms will improve demand management and provide quality electricity services for users. Meanwhile, power grids can make full use of distributed power, smart energy meters, time-of-use pricing policies and EV charging/discharging mechanisms to effectively balance power grid load, reduce peak-valley difference and costs of power grid and supply construction.

(8) Smart grid helps achieve IT-based and lean power grid management. When the telecommunications network system that covers every sector of power grids comes into being, we can achieve power grid data management, comprehensive regulation of information operation and maintenance, power grid space information services and integration of production and dispatching applications, and IT-based and fine power grid management.

(9) Smart grid will bring the value-added services of grid infrastructure into play. While supplying electricity, it will serve the national “tri-network convergence” strategy, offer integrated services such as community advertisement, internet television and voice services to users, provide platforms for the informatization and interaction of water supply, heating and gas industry, expand the scope of value-added services of grid infrastructure and enhance the capacity of such services, so as to promote the development of smart cities.

(10) Smart grid promotes the rapid development of industries related to power grids. As a capital- and technology-intensive industry, power industry has such features as considerable investment and long industry chain. Building smart grid helps us promote the technical upgrading of equipment manufacturing, telecommunications and other industries, and lay a solid foundation for China to occupy the commanding height in world power equipment manufacturing.