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Which four parts does the Strong & Smart Grid framework include?

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2012/6/29 12:40:02

The Strong & Smart Grid framework consists of four parts, namely, foundation system, technical support system, smart application system and standard and specification system. The foundation system is the material carrier of the grid system and an important basis to achieve a “strong” grid; technical support system, which refers to cutting-edge technologies in telecommunications, information and control, among others, is the foundation of a “smart” grid; smart application system embodies the guarantee for secure, economical and efficient operation of the grid, most efficient utilization of energy and social resources, and value-added services for users; standard and specification system, which means standards and specifications in technologies and management and the testing, verification and appraisal system, provides system guarantee for the construction of Strong & Smart Grid. For details, please see picture 2-2.

 Picture 2-2 Framework of Strong & Smart Grid