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What research has been conducted in the development of smart grid?

Source:Wasion group Author:admin Date:2012/6/26 14:26:01

To meet technological needs in power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, consumption, dispatching and telecommunications information, 10 categories of special research on smart grid have been carried out, including: research on key grid-interconnection technologies for photovoltaic and wind power generations, UHV AC/DC key technologies research and related equipment development, smart substation key technologies research and related equipment development, research on key technologies for superconducting magnetic energy storage, micro grid technology frame and integration technology & distributed energy storage device research, two-way interactive marketing technology research and demonstration project construction, advanced measuring technology research, research on smart grid dispatching technology system, research on smart grid telecommunications information and technology, and studies on smart grid management style. In 2009, 117 topics on related technology were selected for research, and 88 were selected in 2010.