History of International Market Development

In 2000, the International Department was officially set up to develop overseas business.
In 2001, we established strategic partnership in Africa with our partner, Egypt, and helped Egypt build a production base for electronic electric energy meters.
In 2004, we improved our prepayment meters and industrial products and enabled them to widely enter Southeast and African markets. The sales that year exceeded 1 million US dollars.


In 2005, we established the first prepayment public irrigation management system based on GPRS in Bangladesh.
In 2006, we won in the first electronic electric energy meter bidding organized by Ethiopia.
Also in 2006, we concluded a cooperation agreement with Toshiba, a leading Japanese company, to jointly develop smart metering products.


In 2007, we set up ABE Sales Company in the United States, a sign that our products have entered into developed countries.
In 2007, we concluded an agreement with the Energy Market Authority of Singapore to jointly develop EVS project so as to enter high-end international market.
In 2008, our sales exceeded 100 million Yuan, a remarkable breakthrough.
In 2009, we established strategic partnership with Aclara, a well-known US communications company, to jointly introduce Twacs communication technology to China and develop overseas smart metering market at the same time.

Three-Pillar Strategy

In 2010, we established the three-pillar overall strategy to engage in all-round internationalization.
In 2011, we successfully won the international bidding project for prepayment metering products in Tanzania, which was supported by loans from the World Bank, further contributing to the building of our brand image.
Also in 2011, we successfully developed the South American market by selling our products in batches to Dominica, Peru, Ecuador and Chile.
In December 2011, we reached a meter hardware supply agreement with Siemens AG to fully develop our international smart metering business.