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About Wasion

  Wasion Group is a leading energy measurement instrument, system and service supplier in China. Listed on main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2005, it is the first professional group in energy metering and energy-saving in China that listed outside mainland China, and the first company in Hunan Province that listed on main board outside mainland China. In 2012, its sales revenue reached nearly 2.5 billion Yuan, growing by 25% compared to the previous year, and it paid a total of over 100 million Yuan taxes. Currently, its products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions.

  With a staff of over 3,300, Wasion has a professional R&D team in energy measurement and efficiency management technology, including more than 600 various professionals and technicians, of which high-end professionals who have a master or higher degree account for 35%. Wasion has established extensive cooperation in “production, learning and research” with dozens of universities and colleges such as Tsignhua University and Zhejiang University. And it established the first postdoctoral research center in the industry in 2002 and an academicians and experts workstation in 2012. Every year, Wasion invests 6% of its revenue in R&D and technological innovation to ensure that its technology and products take the lead in the industry.

  • Enterprise culture

    Mission: Energy Measurement and Energy Efficiency Management Specialist Energy measurement and energy efficiency management is a vast field with broad prospects, so Wasion will focus on electricity, water, gas and heat measure and energy efficiency management for quite a long time....
  • Memorabilia

    Record Wasion’s each sound step, sense Wasion’s strongly beating pulse, and start from here...
  • Qualification honor

    God helps those who help themselves. All the efforts made by Wasion have won the praise from the society and the trade...
  • Quality assurance

    The consciousness for the best is the core of Wasion’s corporate culture. Using quality to win, Wasion has stepped into a benign circle of sustainable development...


Qualification honor

 God helps those who help themselves. All the efforts made by Wasion...